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Where to park when visiting Downtown Durango

All the info you need to make parking easy in Downtown


There is plenty of available parking, here's where to find it and how much it costs. Click HERE to see a map of how much parking meters cost and what the average availability was one year ago. Zoom in for other details like ADA and motorcycle parking.

  • $5 all  day parking available at the Transit Center, 250 W. 8th Street. Passes vailable for parking Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.


  • Parking Meters
    • During work week, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, the meters need to be paid. After 6pm during the work week, and all day on weekends, you can park for free at any parking meter.
    • Cost - $1 per hour for most meters Downtown ($1.50/hr in summer); 75 cents per hour at meters on Narrow Gauge, near the Courthouse, and in a few other locations; 50 cents an hour at select meters around Buckley Park, 1300 block of Main and the 400 block of E. 2nd Ave. Click HERE for specific locations and costs.
    • Payment methods – all meters take coins, credit cards, and parking cards. Parking cards can be purchased at the Transit Center  and can be preloaded with any amount of money. No more searching under the seats for change, use a parking card instead.The Transit Center is located at 250 W. 8th Street.
    • How long can you park at a meter - 30 minutes, 3 hours, 10 hours. Look for sticker on the meter for the max amount of time you can put on a meter. There are very few 30 minute meters, most are 3 hour. The 10 hour meters are located on edges of Downtown.
    • Watch this video for a quick tutorial on how to use the meters.
  • City Parking Lots
    • Day passes can be purchased for the Transit Center parking lot for only $5 a day. Day passes available inside the Transit Center and allow all day parking Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm
    • FREE parking in every City parking lot after 5 pm during the week, and FREE all day on weekends, for ANYONE, no permit required. Permit only parking in the three City lots on E. 2nd Ave and at the Transit Center Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm.
    • A parking permit is the MOST AFFORDABLE way to park Downtown for employees.
    • Permits cost only $30 per month, and you can earn a 15% discount if you purchase three months or more at a time.
    • Transit Center is located at 250 W. 8th Street.


  • FREE Parking
    • All parking meters are free after 6 pm during the week, and all day on weekends.
    • Also park free in City parking lots after 5 pm during the week and on weekends.


  • Oversized vehicles like RV’s – Oversized vehicle parking is allowed at the Transit Center parking lot by utilzing two end to end spaces. Parking at the Transit Center requires a day pass, which can be purchased inside the Transit Center between 8 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday for only $5 per space. Oversized vehicles can also park in two adjacent metered parking spaces, but will need to pay both meters for the spaces they use.  Overized vehicles cannot extend past the parking lane into traffic. Additionally, oversized vehicles can park across from the Durango Public Library at 1900 E. 3rd Ave., then walk to Main Avenue and take the Main Avenue Trolley to Downtown for FREE all summer.


  • Motorcycle parking - Dedicated motorcycle only spaces are available at four locations Downtown - in the 900, 1000 and 1100 blocks of Main Avenue, and on 9th Street. Multiple motorcycles can park in any metered parking spot, but the meter must be paid.


  • Accessible Parking - Durango has several reserved parking spaces for people with disabilities.  All vehicles parked in these designated spaces must have a valid parking placard or license plate properly displayed. These spaces have designated time limits on the sign which must be obeyed for turnover and access. Approved vehicles remaining in a reserved accessible-designated parking space for more than the designated time may be cited. Those drivers with a properly displayed placard or plate may park for an unlimited time in a non-reserved metered space without activating the meter, other than the 30 minute metered spaces.


  • EV Charging Stations - located at the Transit Center, you can find fast charging stations as well as level 2 charging stations. The new ChargePoint DC Fast Charging Station is in the parking lot, adjacent to two existing level 2 charging stations. The cost to charge a vehicle at the fast charging station is 30 cents per kilowatt hour. An “idle fee” of 30 cents per minute kicks in when a vehicle is left plugged in longer than 10 minutes after charging is complete. Two vehicles can charge simultaneously at the station, which delivers a full charge in approximately 20 minutes. The level 2 chargers, by comparison, take roughly four hours to deliver a full charge. Instructions on how to use ChargePoint stations can be found at


Durango is a bike friendly town and Downtown welcomes bikes. Lock your bike to the bike hitches on many of the Downtown parking meters for FREE! In summers, park your bike right on Main at the free bike parking in front of Carvers, Maria's Bookshop, Gazpacho’s, Cream Bean Berry, Maria’s Bookshop, Mountain Bike Specialists, El Moro Spirits and Tavern, Fired Up Pizza and Durango Coffee Company. A covered and lighted bike shelter is also available at the Transit Center.

There are many access points along the Animas River Trail to and from Downtown and the North Main District. You can ride the trail all the way from Oxbow Park on the north end of Durango to behind Home Depot on the south end of town. On the route you will find access to many parks and amenities.

Access points to and from the River Trail in the North Main District  include: 32nd Street, 27th Street behind the Recreation Center, 22nd Street, and 18th Street behind the Durango Public Library. You can access Historic Downtown by departing the trail at Rotary Park, 12th Street, 9th Street, or College Avenue at the DoubleTree Hotel.

Click HERE for a map of the Animas River Trail.



Durango also has great public transportation. Visit the City's website by clicking HERE to learn about the Main Ave. Trolley and Fixed Route buses. All bus routes start and end at the Transit Center, and they arrive at all bus stops every 20 minutes, so you never have to wait very long.

You can ride your bike to the nearest bus stop, stow your bike on the bus, then ride it around Downtown after you arrive at the Transit Center. Durango buses are FREE in summer, and only cost $1 per ride per person in other months. Discounted passes are available for students.

Get the DuraGO! app for late night rides anywhere in the City limits, only $2 per ride!


Private transportation is also an option.

Sunshine Rides 970-259-4818

Buckhorn Limousine 970-769-0933

Animas Transportation 970-259-1315

Uber and Lyft drivers are also available. Get the app to get started.